Drag Queen Storytime

Over the weekend I personally attended the Drag Queen Storytime at the Lafeyette Public Library. What a beautiful event. I met the fabulous Shirley Delta Blow, and she did not disappoint. I also met the wonderful organization Parasol Patrol. In the front of the Library more than 200 supporters of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies came out to the event, including representatives from the Parasol Patrol, Out Boulder County, and PFLAG Broomfield. 

There were less than a dozen anti-LGBTQIA+ people harassing the supporters and shouting at children. Here is where the Parasol Patrol comes in: As a family would prepare to walk past the screaming protestors, a squad would surround the parents and their children, and literally shielded the parents and their children from the harassing protestors. They even had purple sound canceling headphones for the little children to wear as they passed the anti-LGBTQIA+ people. The supporters also sang, played music, and danced – which drowned out the protestor with the megaphone. Love, joy, and protection, followed by cheers and applause every time a new family walked through the Library doors. 

Once inside the Library, the room was filled to capacity. With balloons, excited children, and pure joy. Shirley took the time to meet children, parents, was gracious, and took pictures with anyone who was kind enough to ask. She was wonderful. 

The following books were read at the event, and currently available at the Library:

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival
Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
Be Who You Are by Todd Parr
Unicorn and Horse by David Miles

Below are pictures from the event. Enjoy!

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