Auntie Answers: Who is Auntie and What Does She Do?

Do you have questions about LGBTQIA+ issues and you’re not sure who to ask? Just curious or trying to sort things out for yourself? Everyone should have an Auntie to pose their questions to without judgement or hesitation.

Email your questions to or submit your questions anonymously in the form below.

Q: Who is Auntie?
A: Sasha Davis is the PFLAG Broomfield Community Outreach Coordinator and Honorary Auntie to a host of Niblings.

Q: What is Auntie answering?
A: Anything you ask! Whether it’s an awkward question about being gay, something that you’ve been hesitant to ask a gay friend, or a question about how to navigate a social situation. Auntie is here to support you, help you, and to assist in finding the information you’re looking for. 

Q: Do you answer every question you receive?
A: All questions that are appropriate and posed in good faith will be answered.

Q: Will my question be anonymous?
A: ALWAYS! We will never publish your name or email – if you provide it! Your privacy is absolutely important to us. 

Q: How do I ask a question?
A: The form below or direct email at!

Q: Where can I find my answer?
A: If you share your email with us, Auntie will email your answer directly to you and the link to the public post. If you choose to remain entirely anonymous, check the website every other week and your answer will be in a new Blog post. Search for tag “auntie-answers” .

The Auntie Answers character artwork was created by SapOfTrees. You can view more of this Artist’s work on their Instagram and YouTube channel:

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