Broomfield Community Foundation Grant Recipient

About PFLAG Broomfield

PFLAG Broomfield was established in 2019 by parents, allies, and LGBTQIA+ members, some of whom are parents of LGBTQIA+ children, who wanted to learn more about their children, support other parents, and advocate for their children who live in an often hostile society. Our Vision is to celebrate diversity and envision a society that embraces everyone, including those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Only with respect, dignity and equality for all will we reach our full potential as human beings, individually and collectively.

About The Broomfield Community Foundation

The Broomfield Community Foundation was established in 1993 by a group of local officials, business people and private citizens, identified five areas of concern: education, the arts and humanities, human services, senior services, and civic projects. They founded The Broomfield Community Foundation by pooling charitable contributions from across the city to ensure that there would be financial support for our Broomfield non-profits to provide the necessary activities and services.

The Broomfield Community Foundation has generously awarded PFLAG Broomfield with two grants ($500 and $3,000 respectively) and an anonymous donation of $2,000. These funds will be used to create local programming to directly benefit the LGBTQIA+ community. It will allow us to provide PFLAG educational materials, bring in the Colorado Name Change Project, Drag Queen Storytime, create a Gender Affirming Makeup Session, and create Safe Space afternoons/evenings. 

These funds impact the LGBTQIA+ Community by funding education, advocacy, visibility, and providing safe inclusive spaces. Visibility saves lives. Safe spaces make a difference. Education opens possibilities. Having speakers that assist in navigating the legal system. Having makeup workshops that affirm your gender. Having safe spaces to game, make art, be with friends. All of these programs are essential to our mental well being. They help us establish a sense of belonging and community. 

Thank you Broomfield Community Foundation for helping our community feel a little more inclusive. 

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