LGBTQIA+ Flag Raising Ceremony

On June 1, 2021, to Kick-Off Pride Month in Broomfield, there was a Ceremonial Flag Raising of the inclusive Pride Flag at the City & County Building. The event was live streamed and can be seen on our Facebook page –

Flag raising statement from PFLAG Broomfield:

PFLAG Broomfield stands in honor of the Greenwood Oklahoma community and all other communities where are brothers and sisters of color have lost their lives and livelihood to racial violence and social injustice. Please join us in a moment of silence.

We would like to thank the City and County of Broomfield for holding this flag raising today. PFLAG Broomfield is so pleased to be here to support the raising of the LGBTQIA+ PRIDE flag. This flag signifies our commitment to creating a just, equitable, and inclusive world, where all persons are recognized as important contributors to the Broomfield community.

Injustice and exclusion are an ongoing struggle in our nation and our community. This continues to negatively affect traditionally marginalized groups and our purpose is to engage the Broomfield community in the hope that all will leave with a greater understanding of equity, equality, and diversity.

The PRIDE flag is a reminder that history is constantly being written, including that of the LGBTQIA+ community. To stand here today at our city and county building with so many of our city employees, family and friends to celebrate the raising of this flag today is deeply moving and such an incredible indication of how the world is changing.

The raising of this flag is Broomfield’s kick-off to PRIDE Month. We hope to generate a community-wide conversation about equity and recognize a month of celebration for the achievements of LGBTQIA+ persons and our contributions to our community. We invite you to join us for the first annual Broomfield Pride Party in the Park on June 20th from noon to four o’clock at the Community Shelter Park on Main Street and First Avenue. We will have music, food, and friendly faces from local LGBTQIA+ organizations, and plan to have an awesome day filled with sunshine and joy.

We look forward to you joining us!

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