On June 4, 2022, PFLAG Broomfield sponsored the second annual Broomfield Pride and the first Annual Pride Motorcade. This was the first non-municipal parade in the history of the City and County of Broomfield. The Grand Marshal was current Broomfield Mayor Guyleen Castriotta. Mayor Castriotta is the first openly LGBTQ+ mayor of Broomfield. She and her wife were in the first car of the motorcade. 

Moments before the motorcade began, we had a few moments to catch up as we were putting the finishing decorations on the lead vehicle she would be riding in, and her wife would be driving. She shared that she never expected to see this in Broomfield. She was both delighted and emotionally overwhelmed. Primarily because this year has been riddled with anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and sentiments across America. The value, importance, and beauty of this first ever LGBTQ+ Motorcade was not lost on her. 

Once the Motorcade began, and we drove down Midway Blvd to the cheers of Broomfield residents who were lined along the street, the sheer joyousness in her face was extraordinary. It is one of the moments I will remember to the ends of my days. The love, the joy, the cheers. It was magical. 

After the Motorcade was finished, Mayor Castriotta stayed at the Pride Event, and wandered through the event greeting people, smiling, laughing, dancing to the music of the DJ. 

So many parents came up to Mayor Castriotta and introduced their LGBTQ+ children. The wonderment in the children’s faces as they looked up to Guyleen. Parents thanking Guyleen for openly representing the LGBTQ+ community and the importance that seeing her here had a positive impact on their children. For the children, the next generation, to see the Mayor of their town out and representing, made such a powerful impact. 

The Power of Visibility. 

Mayor Guyleen Castriotta at the first annual LGBTQ+ Motorcade
Mayor Guyleen Castriotta at the first annual LGBTQ+ Motorcade
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