Drag Queen Storytime

The Broomfield Library hosted its very first Drag Queen Storytime to a sold out crowd on February 29, 2020. It was a wonderful, magical event, filled with inclusion and visibility. Special thanks goes out to Katherine Lynip (Director of Library Services and Cultural Affairs), the Mayor Pat Quinn and Mayor Pro Temp Guyleen Castriotta, the City Manager Jennifer Hoffman and Deputy City Manager Kevin Standbridge, the Broomfield Police and Chief Creager, the Library Staff, the Parasol Patrol, Rainfrog Interpreters (ASL), representatives from PFLAG Boulder County and PFLAG Broomfield, and all of the wonderful residents from around the Front Range that helped keep children safe from the protestors.  

To those unfamiliar with the Parasol Patrol, they are a wonderful non-profit group that guarantee safe passage of parents and children, from their cars to the inside of the venue, from people who threaten children. On Saturday’s Broomfield event, some of the people screaming at small children were hate groups flown in from out of State and a local far right religious group. Broomfield took a stand to embrace love, acceptance, and inclusion, eclipsing the anti-LGBTQIA+ groups five to one with members of our community. 

Shirley Delta Blow was the wonderful Drag Queen who led the Storytime. Looking like one of your favorite aunts, with the kindness, charm, and love we wish everyone possessed. Delightfully reading several different children’s books that dealt with love, acceptance, visibility, and inclusion. Both children and adults who were present, had a wonderful time. After the reading was over, there was a line across the stage and up the side of the auditorium, for parents and children to meet Shirley, take pictures, and thank her for being there. 

The importance of inclusion: 
“REPORT: Just One Accepting Adult Can Save An LGBTQ Young Person’s Life”

Just Be Who You Are
Not Quite Narwhal
Perfectly Norman
Unicorn and Horse
Red A Crayon’s Story

Broomfield Library 
Parasol Patrol
Rainfrog Interpreters (ASL)
PFLAG Boulder County
PFLAG Broomfield

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