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Broomfield United Methodist Church, as part of their Easter Offering 2021, chose PFLAG Broomfield as one of the recipients of this year’s grants for $3,422. Due to the current pandemic, there was a very small ceremony with Pastor Don, and PFLAG Broomfield Board Members Rebecca Reese, Barb Binder, Sasha Davis, and Chris Cleary. 

The Easter Offering is part of Pastor Don’s vision of going back to the original teachings and to love each other with no strings attached. “To make sure our words were aligning with our actions.” 

The decision to have PFLAG Broomfield be a recipient of their grant, was because UMC felt “PFLAG is working with, walking alongside, advocating for, and resourcing for the LGBTQIA+ community here in Broomfield.”

As Pastor Don was awarding the check to PFLAG Broomfield, he added “this comes with the Love and Support of Broomfield United Methodist Church.”

UMC has been an outward supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and is welcoming to everyone for a safe place to worship. Currently their services are online only. You can Click Here for the link to their website for a welcome video by Pastor Don, worship times, service links, and information about UMC and all that they have to offer. 

PFLAG Broomfield was founded in the middle of 2019 due to the LGBTQIA+ Community need for greater visibility, legislation, conversations, and representation.

The PFLAG acronym, created in 1973 originally stood for parents, family, and friends of lesbians and gays. It has since grown to encompass the full spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community. This generous donation allows PFLAG Broomfield a chance to bring programs to our even smaller more underserved groups within the larger community.

Some of the programs PFLAG Broomfield will now be able to create is a Lending Library, bringing in Speakers to help educate us, and contribute to the June 2021 Broomfield Pride Events.

Pastor Don closed the ceremony with thanking PFLAG Broomfield “for being here, and more importantly, for your heart for those that often do not have a voice in our community. And I just want you to know, you have a partner with UMC to help bring those voices, and help others feel valued, and understand their worth, not only in our eyes as a society, but also in God’s eyes as well.” 

Thank you to the generosity of Pastor Don and the members of Broomfield United Methodist Church.

Click here for the original video of the ceremony.

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